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Draft #2 … 1 step closer to publication. Tomorrow I have my weekly call with my editors and then exactly 1 hour afterwards I’m having dinner with Lisa Genova, author of “Still Alice.” Someone pinch me! OVERVIEW – “Lessons From the Edge of Life” The erratic, twitching line turned to a flat, fluorescent green band across the monitor. The six nurses and three doctors stood in stillness around the bed – their heads bowed and their hands down by their sides. One of the nurses stretched up and over the pale,lifeless body to shut off the monitor  ...

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Today I spoke at my high school alma mater, Tabor Academy. One of my fellow alumni friends asked if I would be willing to share my speech. What is not to love about sharing!? So here it is: Good morning! My name is Emily Johnson. I graduated from Tabor in 1998. My 4 years here were some of the best years of my life. I loved rowing on the crew team as well as being part of the cross country team. I performed horribly on the AP physics and French exam. Nonetheless; I did graduate from college! I am a registered nurse and also play a variety of other roles in both my personal and  ...