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Sitting here in the stillness of the evening, watching the last few embers burn in the fireplace feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment knowing that tomorrow night the books will officially close on 2017. 2016 was a year of digging deep into the earth and then digging it all up. This year, 2017, this has been a year of building a foundation. A simple, strong, and solid foundation to support the house I am building. It is all work – foundation to eventually fixtures. It doesn’t matter what part comes next. The work never stops. If the work stops, the house suffers. When I  ...

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I said it last year and I’ll say it again. September is the new January. It is the perfect time to evaluate where you are; right here, right now – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Perhaps you had an epic summer full of friends & family, sun, and fun. Or perhaps you worked a lot and beached it too little. Regardless, here you are. Treating September like January helps to keep us from getting stuck in the same old song and dance routine we are used to performing.  I do want to acknowledge though that saying good-bye to the previous “year” AKA summer can be  ...

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So here you are. You’ve reached the end of 2016. Another year older; another year wiser. I can picture you sitting in your kitchen or perhaps on the couch drinking coffee and reflecting on the past year all the while full of hope and inspiration for the new year ahead. I can hear you all now….This is going to be THE year. This will be MY year. The year of less stress, no excuses, better health, and a balanced life. I can hear you because I am you.  Perhaps you are starting off the new year with a cleanse, a new nutritional program, or some type of 30 day challenge. You are  ...