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These 4 things significantly impacted my life and have changed it for the better. They are free and accessible to anyone and everyone!  Make the choice to try them all out everyday for the next seven days and notice how your energy; your life shifts. Stop making the excuses; stop telling yourself the stories. Make the commitment; change your life.  Gratitude: Embrace a gratitude practice. Before you even get out of bed; before you reach for your phone; before your brain starts running through your to-do list – spend just 60 seconds choosing just 1 thing that you are grateful for  ...

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There are lots of things in our lives that are non-negotiable. We have to eat. We have to sleep. We have to x, y, z____.  But have you ever stopped to question; to identify the other non-negotiables in your life? The things that you have to do to keep you whole. The things you love to do. The things that if you don’t do or make negotiable will start to chip away at your body, mind, or spirit. How many times have you made a promise to yourself only to have broken the deal half way down the road? Perhaps you are like me and have countless broken promises littering the street in your  ...