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His name is Cory. He is young and I would guess he is about my age in his mid to late thirties. He is always wearing dark pants, a puffy, navy blue bomber jacket, baseball cap, and a red backpack slung sideways across his back. He walks with his hands stuffed inside his pockets; his head slightly down. There’s a sadness; a heaviness to his gait as he walks down the sidewalk-less, narrow, and curvy road toward town. I’ve passed him dozens and dozens of times as I drive my littlest one to and from preschool. I’ve always wondered what his story is. Who is this man? Is he  ...

  Featured, Live Bold


Yesterday I went to an amazing conference entitled “The Habits of Stress-Resilient People.” It was sponsored by the Institute for Brain Potential and given by psychologist Dr. Dennis Marikis. We covered topics such as resilience, empathy, stress, mindfulness, and vulnerability. I had signed up in order to get some continuing education credits for my nursing license, but what I got in return was priceless.  You know when you get to laugh, cry, be humbled, and inspired you are getting some good shit. And that was only the first six hours of my day! After the conference ended I  ...