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  Live Bold


How many of us have watched MLM’ers via social media? Or maybe you actually are part of a multi-level marketing network. The truth is I don’t care. And no one else truly cares either. I don’t care about the shiny white Lexus. I don’t care about the promo trips or the convention. I don’t care about the products or what they will quote on quote “do” for me. I don’t care about the parties; nor do I care about the free gifts. I don’t care about the perfectly staged photos. I don’t care that you are “doing it all.” I  ...

  Live Bold


This endeavor, this journey of healing, this transformation would have not been possible without the friendship of some brave women. I am not a feminist; nor a man basher. I am a strong woman who deserved more support and desired to create more beauty. To all the girlies in my tribe that have cheered me on and been there to LISTEN, you mean the world to me. My tribe is unique as is yours.  We are teachers, coaches, healers, students, and artists. In case I go hungry I can rely on my fish farmer friend for an endless supply of trout (for real, my friend Reagan owns a fish farm). Should I  ...