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Have you ever needed to blow off some steam? Have you ever gone for a run or hit the gym to help release some stress? It works – right?! Exercise is a wonderful and healthy way to relieve stress. But there’s something better and tomorrow I will begin an intensive month long training so I can teach it. So I can share it. So I can hopefully inspire and help 1 person, if not more, discover the tremendous healing benefits of what is known as Bikram yoga. I came to Bikram because the counselor I was seeing almost five years ago told me I needed to do some yoga. I was a runner and  ...

  Featured, Live Juicy


I’m off to an anniversary dinner tonight to celebrate the 6th year of one of my favorite places. I’m not sure I will recognize any of my friends since we will all be fully clothed! These friends, they are my people; my family. We know so much about each other, yet most of us don’t even know each other’s last names. These people are part of an amazing community. A community that is warm (literally!), welcoming, and safe. This place is where I go to breathe; to meditate; to practice the connection between mind, body, and spirit. This place is my Bikram yoga studio. I  ...