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I recently conducted a survey. One of the questions I asked people was, “What is your biggest problem?” 78% of you responded that balancing life was your biggest issue. I am here to solve that problem. The solution just came to me last night as I was reading ‘THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS‘ by Danielle LaPorte. And let me tell you, it has already helped me to live lighter today! (Hence why I am leaving the groceries out on the counter and why the blender hasn’t been washed yet.) So here is the answer… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LIFE BALANCE  Really. There is  ...

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So here you are. You’ve reached the end of 2016. Another year older; another year wiser. I can picture you sitting in your kitchen or perhaps on the couch drinking coffee and reflecting on the past year all the while full of hope and inspiration for the new year ahead. I can hear you all now….This is going to be THE year. This will be MY year. The year of less stress, no excuses, better health, and a balanced life. I can hear you because I am you.  Perhaps you are starting off the new year with a cleanse, a new nutritional program, or some type of 30 day challenge. You are  ...

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Anyone else feel like September is the new January?! Call it new beginnings, new opportunities, a fresh new start, a welcome change, a chance for a new you – call it whatever you want. Summer has (sigh) officially ended, the kids are a few weeks into the school year, and here I find myself with another chance to create more space, to live lighter, and to be of service to others. A few things I am up to… Creating the physical space I want. Basement demolition & reconstruction underway for my future studio & office space. This will allow me to serve clients in my own  ...

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Slow down. Everything else can wait. Turn up the music. Be here NOW. Go give some hugs and share some laughs with those you love 🙂 have a Beautiful, BOLD, and juicy weekend

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I’m off to an anniversary dinner tonight to celebrate the 6th year of one of my favorite places. I’m not sure I will recognize any of my friends since we will all be fully clothed! These friends, they are my people; my family. We know so much about each other, yet most of us don’t even know each other’s last names. These people are part of an amazing community. A community that is warm (literally!), welcoming, and safe. This place is where I go to breathe; to meditate; to practice the connection between mind, body, and spirit. This place is my Bikram yoga studio. I  ...

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The Truth About Mother’s Day

Did you know the founder of Mother’s Day, peace activist Anna Jarvis, spent much of her life boycotting the very holiday she helped conceive? Don’t believe me? Consult Wikipedia. I love that the founder of this modern day Hallmark holiday was a peace activist. I love that she cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. I love how she wanted to continue the work her mother started. You know what I don’t love? Mother’s Day. And I know I’m not alone. You see Mother’s Day is a trigger for me in more ways than one. Seven years ago I made a  ...

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Got Juice?

Just what is juicy? Juicy is rich, full, messy, interesting…it’s about success and equally, if not more, about failure. Crave more juice? Consider this… Try something new & different. Try it again, again, and again. Check your ego at the door Don’t hide your mess. Be brave. Talk about it. Smile and silently tell the critics that “You don’t care.” Commit to a daily routine of doing as many things as you can for yourself. Reenact how free you felt as a child Own your failures and celebrate your success Know this though – people will get  ...