You believe you can do it all, and be it all.

That once X, Y, or Z happens that life will get better; get easier.

But you are learning that all of this may in fact be a lie.

You apologize. You worry. You doubt. You feel guilty.

You wake up and wonder how did life get to this point?

Stop right there, my friend. I’m here to help.

Hey there. I’m Emily. My job is to help YOU choose YOU.

I am a courageous, vulnerable and passionate wellness curator.

So here’s the thing:

We all know how this story ends. One day our physical life will cease to exist. This final act; the final curtain call, well I have witnessed this countless times. I am here to tell you the time is NOW.

Don’t waste another day being someone; something you don’t want.  

Choosing yourself is the ultimate choice of healing and love. Replace stress with LESS. Less “clutter”, more light. More flow. More creativity. Patience. This is your new path so don’t look back! This is your life! Drink it in. Discover. Be thankful. Be humble. It could all end tomorrow.


The official bio:

A B O U T  B E A U T I F U L,  B O L D  A N D  J U I C Y
Live a life you love with the inspiration of wellness curator & coach, Emily Johnson. Emily is dedicated to empowering and inspiring others to live a Beautiful, BOLD, and Juicy life. She is currently writing her first book, “LESSONS FROM THE EDGE OF LIFE : A TRANSPLANT NURSE’S OBSERVATIONS ON SECOND CHANCES AND WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM THEM.”
Born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod, MA, Emily spends her time pursuing her passions of writing, speaking, coaching, and teaching yoga. She is a former organ donor and transplant coordinator nurse, mother of 2 little boys, wife, daughter, bereaved sister (see part of Will’s story), yoga teacher, runner, 4 time Ironman triathlete, urban homesteader, kindness rock maker, music & animal lover. Emily lives for a good dance party! And she might just be the next best thing to happen to you. Follow her journey. Start yours.