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Plants people. Take a look at the power of a plant based diet. And before you go running with all your pre-conceived notions, like Clark Griswold trying to get out of the house during the holidays, open up your mind and look at the scientific, as well as anecdotal information out there.  If you’re not into reading studies, watch the top three documentaries that influenced my decision to clean up what I was putting in my mouth: Forks Over Knives, What The Health, and Cowspiracy. All three present the data for you.

When I stopped to truly learn and think about what was going on inside my body and out in the world as a consumer of animal products I was horrified. Pus in milk? No thank you. Processed meats added to the World Health Organization’s list of carcinogens? WTF? Livestock as a major threat to our environment? And then there was the information about what was going on in North Carolina, a state that I lived in for seven years. One word – hog waste. I was totally ignorant. And then I felt ashamed. Ashamed for eating consuming so unconsciously. Don’t get me wrong, bacon is yummy – but after continued education and paying attention to how I was feeling, I needed to break up with meat and dairy.

So I made the choice to change my diet overnight. And guess what? It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. The images and information from the documentaries were burned upon my brain. Friends and family started to ask, “What about protein?” I even had my annual exam with my primary care soon after I made the switch and I recall her peering at me, “Make sure you get enough protein,” she lectured. The funny thing is, most medical schools do not provide adequate nutrition instruction. Doctors simply are not taught about the power of food.

The fact is plants are packed with protein. The largest, strongest animals on the planet are all plant eaters. It is possible to eat plant strong and gain muscle while on a plant based diet. Look at all the amazing athletes out there who are killing it on plants alone – David Carter, NFL lineman, ultra-athlete Rich Roll, and a whole host of other body builders as well as endurance athletes.

I’m not a nutritionist. I’m a girl who started paying attention to what I was putting in my body. A girl who undertook some study to better understand which foods do what and why. And as a result of making some conscious changes, I am enjoying the benefits of eating a plant based diet.

We don’t have to feel tired, full, and sluggish. We can feel energized, satisfied, light, and fit. We can stave off disease and better our health. It is possible. The question is, do you really want to change? If so, know that you can start right now. You can make one small change today. You don’t have to change it all overnight. Maybe one change you make is to trade your time on social media and read about how dairy and meat are linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Or maybe you just start with eating 1 plant based meal per day.

What can you do to support your health today?

Choose plants.

Eat kind.

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