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One bitterly cold April morning back in 2016 I was trekking through the icy, wooded trails of Scorton Creek in East Sandwich. Kindness was the furthest thing from my mind. This happened to be a transitional time in my life as I had recently left my career at New England Organ Bank – essentially abandoning my identity as a nurse. It was a difficult but necessary decision. I had lost the joy in my life and was working hard to heal the emotional hemorrhage from my heart. A series of past traumatic events had left me questioning, months earlier, whether life was worth living.

I would walk the woods or the beach everyday. Sometimes in search of a sign from the Universe; other times in search of the vast space to just let it all out – to feel and to cry. I was longing for connection and a sense of purpose. Little by little as I did the god awful – and I mean awful messy work that is required if you want to heal – I started to reap the benefits of time spent in nature.

But there were still very difficult days and that frosty April morning was one of them. As I rounded the bend in one of my favorite spots, there on the weathered wooden bench was a rock. A kindness rock. On the back of the rock was #thekindnessrocksproject. What’s a kindness rock you might ask? It is a rock with an inspiring message written on it. More importantly though, a rock placed with the intention of spreading kindness – offering hope and inspiration to others. This was written on the rock:

“sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life”

Finding that rock made my day. I felt completely supported by the Universe that morning and I rushed home to research the hashtag. After some detective work I discovered who the person was that placed the rock there. It was Megan Murphy and we happened to share a mutual friend.  I couldn’t wait to join in on the project and quickly filled my garage with buckets of rocks and paint pens. At first I was just excited to do some art and surprise people with inspirational messages. I brought the project to someone’s celebration of life, my family reunion, and my friend’s international summer camp here on Cape Cod.

But now, more than 2 years later, the project has helped me on my journey to take a closer look at kindness in my own life. A closer and harder look. A deep gaze of honesty into my soul. We can all easily think of different random acts of kindness. Paying for someone’s coffee, holding the door, or bagging someone else’s groceries. Those aren’t necessarily challenging things to do. But that’s not all kindness is about. Just like The Kindness Rocks Project isn’t just about the rock. The hard part about kindness for me, was learning to be kind to myself. But I have found the more kind I am to myself, the more I have to give to others.

So guys – I am thrilled to announce that I have been chosen to be a part of the The Kindness Rocks Project Ambassador Program. I am grateful to be able to promote the project and help spread this grass roots movement. The Kindness Rocks Project is not a business and I do not get paid.  The project has spread to many groups across the U.S. and to 12 other countries.

Just click here to go to the project’s page and make sure to follow along on social media. There are some cool things coming down the pipeline. As an ambassador I will blog weekly on the topic of kindness and keep y’all up to date on the project 🙂


Kindness is beautiful. So please – choose kind. Start with yourself and watch it spread to those around you.



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