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I think I’ve been wanting to run away for over a year now. I finally did it. Here are my recommendations if you do the same.

But first let me define “running away”  – An act of self care; specifically focused on getting your creative work done.

We’ve all heard the stories of writers locking themselves away in a cabin somewhere deep in the woods or the painters perched for days on the edge of a cliff. It all sounds so romantic doesn’t it?

I wrestled with the idea of doing it – but the usual low vibe, fear based business ensued.

Guilt – I can’t leave my family. Lack – It will cost too much money. Indecision – I might not pick the right place. 

Who am I to do this?

Well guess what? We can do the things we desire. Trust in the timeline of your life. Let it unfold naturally like the tide rising in and out of the bay. And if you desire to run away, here’s what I have to recommend. Take it or leave it.

  • Choose a place with a beautiful view from your bed. You’re going to need it if you start to climb the walls.
  • When you start climbing the walls phone a friend, text your tribe, send rambling emails.
  • Bring food. Nothing kills creativity like hunger.
  • Be careful with caffeine. I don’t drink a lot of it, but by accident I consumed WAY too much and it made me CRAZY.
  • Get some fresh airTake frequent breaks from your work and go for some short walks. Or a big, long one.
  • Bring a journal and write everything down. Scribble notes. Doodle pictures.
  • Dance it out. Sing. Unleash any pent up energy.
  • Don’t expect to get it all done. Because you won’t. But…you will return home with new content. New ideas. Embrace it.
  • Reflect on the trip and plan the next one.

I ran away to work on my book proposal. I did some writing, a little doubting, and a lot of thinking. It wasn’t all productive and it certainly wasn’t perfect. I stayed up too late the first night and then drank too much caffeine. I wanted to quit and run home. I didn’t know how to run away, as I had never done it. I’ve gone away for other things before. Things like healing, fun, and general decompression from life. But this – running away for creative work – oh my.

We must answer the call though. If the phone is ringing, please pick it up. If the desire is there, please follow it. Please, please, please, PPPUUUHHH LLLEEEAAASSSEEE! The world needs your beautiful work. Your beautiful art. Especially today. What if Monet said, “Just F it?” and never picked up the brush. What if architects never picked up pencils? Or actors never opened their mouths? What if entrepreneurs said, “Screw it. This is too hard.”

Every damn day is hard. And being creative is hard, because being human is hard. 

If anyone says it’s easy, well then – they’re lying 🙂

What do you want to create in this world? 

I would love to know 🙂

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