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HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS … listen up! Imagine yourself  in the grand ballroom at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel. There you stand, bewildered, taking it all in. The beautiful gilded columns with ornate molding, the sea of long tables and 400 empty chairs that are inviting participants like myself in. A crowd of 250 strange faces all around you. There is a palpable energy in the air. It is an excited, nervous energy. I wondered, “Who ARE all these people? What are they writing? What is their story?”

This is initially what I experienced before the first speaker, our course director Julie Silver, MD, welcomed us all to the 2018 course “Writing, Publishing, and Social Media for Healthcare Professionals” sponsored by Harvard Medical School. I really had no idea what to expect from this course. I was hoping to meet some other like minded people and learn a bit more about how to publish my book. Well let me tell you, after our 3 days were over I can say hands down my expectations were blown out of the water. The experience was TRANSFORMATIONAL.

I met agents, editors, book coaches, writers, authors, thought leaders, social media experts, A LOT of physicians, 1 very organized academic assistant known as “M.A.” and 1 marketing expert “guru” named Rusty Shelton. The networking opportunities were endless.

And then of course there was the opportunity to “pitch” your book to a panel of 25 judges compromised of agents, editors, and authors. (Insert sweaty palms and tachycardia here.) The podium is yours for 70 seconds to explain why your book is worth reading. No pressure; right!?! The pitch is optional and I chose to move toward fear and go for it. Grounded in gratitude for the opportunity, my voice felt steady but then began to shake as I received the dreaded “10 seconds left” warning. I blurted the last 2 sentences out and stepped down from the spotlight. Whew – made it!

So what made the experience transformational?? ….

Julie Silver, MD (think a bit of Brene Brown meets healthcare). Julie is your biggest cheerleader.  To quote Julie, “Sometimes you just have to put on your lipstick and act like you’re psyched.” Amen sister. She also opened up the conference reminding everyone to “Be good to each other.” Double amen. Julie is my kind of woman (and yours too!).

The other piece that made this experience transformational was bearing witness to the courage of others to get their stories and messages out into the world. I mentioned earlier that I met A LOT of physicians.  So most of what I heard came out of the mouths of MD’s. I heard passionate pitches about the importance of nutrition, alternative therapies, mindfulness, and end of life planning. I heard raw and heart wrenching personal accounts of physical burnout, financial struggle, anxiety, depression, trauma, and sexual abuse. There was crying, hugging, and laughter. It. Was. Beautiful.

So if you are looking for 3 days of endless support, networking, education, and FUN then consider investing in yourself by attending June 20 – 22nd 2019. I know I will be there.  Hope to see YOU there!

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