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An unedited excerpt from my book, ‘I CHOOSE ME – BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH’ …


And that day in the early spring of 2017 we sat in our scared circle on the floor of the yoga studio and we wrote. We wrote a letter to our future selves. When we finished we placed our letters in a self addressed stamped envelope and then our teacher collected them all. She placed them in a basket, mixed them all up, and passed the basket around instructing us to choose one random envelope that wasn’t ours. Our job would be to hold on to the envelope and mail it out to our friend someday, any day, in the future.

2017 ended and I began to think about my letter. I had forgotten what I wrote. I wondered which one of my friends had my letter. Why hadn’t they sent it to me yet? Part of me began to wonder if it was lost. No it’s not lost, I told myself. It’s just not time yet. Trust it will show up someday when you least expect it.

And it did.

Dear Me,

I’m hopeful that this finds you well and will serve as a reminder to what an AMAZING human BEING you are. Never forget just how powerful you are. Never forget the infinite love and potential that exists within your soul. Never underestimate the impact that you have on others whether or not they recognize you for it. Always remember that every thought and action creates your reality. Remember to speak your truth and t anchor yourself to your core values of CONNECTION, COURAGE, and SERVICE. These core values are your true north and if you can keep these at the center of every intention you will achieve ultimate success. Have faith and trust that the Universe is delivering all you need for your greatest good during this journey called life. You are good enough, you do make a difference, and you are loved. Keep it simple girl 🙂 You got this 🙂




As much as this was a letter I wrote to myself; this is a letter I write to you. We all need reminders sometimes. Reminders about how amazing and powerful we all are. Reminders about the infinite potential that resides within your soul. Reminders that you have an impact on others whether or not you are recognized for it. And reminders that EVERY THOUGHT and EVERY ACTION creates your reality.

So this is your Monday morning reminder. 

May you all have a great week.


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