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Isn’t it amazing how one minute you can feel so in control, so accomplished, so content and then you go to pre-school pick-up! WTF!?!? It’s like whiplash really. You come back home with the kid to a minefield of Legos all over the living room floor. There are little, scary Lego heads lurking around every corner. They are in the fruit bowl, the kitchen cabinets, and on top of the mantle. They stare at you; taunting and laughing at you. Dear husband is downstairs working from home. It appears he has already made himself a sandwich. It’s 1:30 pm. You haven’t eaten your lunch yet. Neither has the dog. She’s giving you that look. You make a quick ham and cheese panini all the while noting that the ham seems a little extra slimy. You cram an extra piece into your mouth. You look at the date on the deli bag. The ham was packaged nine days ago and the sell by date was 4 days ago. You just bought the damn ham yesterday. Ew gross. Whatever. Oh well. You eat the sandwich anyway. Moving on.

Then the small preschool voice hollers from the bathroom, “Mommy can you please come wipe me?” You enter the bathroom to find your sweet little spawn sitting in lotus position on the toilet with his hands in prayer at the center of his chest pretending to Om. It cracks you up. Little one exits the bathroom and you relax for a second. That one hot second of relaxation makes you realize you have to pee. You sit down and pick-up ‘Journey To The Heart’ by Melody Beattie and read today’s meditation. It’s totally in line with the blog post that you wrote and so blissfully lost yourself in this morning after all the darlings headed off to school. It’s gentle whiplash from the Universe, helping to snap your detached, scary Lego head back in place while at the same time securing your heart strings.

Here is what Melody Beattie wrote:

January 30 – Warm Up

Sit in the sun and warm up. Sit in the sun. Soak up the love and warmth from the world around you. Take that warmth into your everyday life. Open your heart more to the people you see, the people you meet, the people you greet, and the people you love. Practice being warm, loving, and open. Do more than just think a kind loving thought. Say it. Do more than just think of something nice you’d like to do for someone. Do it. Fear is cold. Sometimes, we become so afraid of life, people, ourselves – so afraid – that we become cold. Cold toward people, toward life, toward God. We may not be aware of how cold we have become. We may have been cold for so long, we just don’t see it. Being cold and afraid has become our everyday posture. It’s the way we interact with the world around us. Now it’s time to put warmth back in our lives. Don’t let your fears turn you cold. Sit in the sun and warm up. Then radiate that warmth to the people around you. Warm up to people. Warm up to life. Warm up to yourself.

I absolutely love this passage. It resonates so deeply with me. I’m going to take a few breaths, close down the laptop, warm up to my preschooler, and then warm up some more at yoga this evening.

PS dear Husband – My 4 pm writers group is cancelled due to the snow so I’ll be headed to the yoga studio at 5 pm to change my posture and warm up some more 🙂


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