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Sitting here in the stillness of the evening, watching the last few embers burn in the fireplace feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment knowing that tomorrow night the books will officially close on 2017. 2016 was a year of digging deep into the earth and then digging it all up. This year, 2017, this has been a year of building a foundation. A simple, strong, and solid foundation to support the house I am building.

It is all work – foundation to eventually fixtures. It doesn’t matter what part comes next. The work never stops. If the work stops, the house suffers. When I look back and reflect upon all the beautiful, BOLD, juicy, AND messy parts of 2017 I am honestly amazed. I can see all that one can accomplish in a year. I can see the lessons. I can see what matters most are the people and experiences in my life.

So the seeds have been planted.

It is time to hibernate and nourish. 



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