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How many of us have watched MLM’ers via social media? Or maybe you actually are part of a multi-level marketing network.

The truth is I don’t care. And no one else truly cares either. I don’t care about the shiny white Lexus. I don’t care about the promo trips or the convention. I don’t care about the products or what they will quote on quote “do” for me. I don’t care about the parties; nor do I care about the free gifts. I don’t care about the perfectly staged photos. I don’t care that you are “doing it all.” I don’t care that you were promoted to a triple diamond or a mega-f*ckin’ pixie Rainbow Brite in the company.

Frankly it bothers me how many women, especially those of us that are mothers, are pushing beauty products. Momma’s sittin’ here with her Starbucks cranking out Facebook posts on her laptop pushing products to make you look younger while little Jack & Jill are innocently absorbing it all. What kind of a message are we sending to our kids? To ourselves? But hey you’ve got to promote to sell. That’s business right!? And really at the end of the day, the “stuff” that bothers me, is really my own pile of sh*t I get to clean up and work on. We all have our own messy piles of doo-doo.

Look, here’s the thing. I’m going to tell you the truth right now. I am one of you. I am part of a MLM. I choose not to spend my energy in promoting the products I use. Because the honest truth is I am just not that passionate about them. Sure, I believe in them and anecdotally I can tell you what they have done for me. But I don’t have the burning desire in me to market products made by others like a lady boss.

What I do care about and what others care about too is knowing who you are. I want to know what you want to create. I want to know what you are afraid of. At the risk of sounding cliche, I want to know what brought you joy as a kid. I want to know what hardships you’ve endured; what challenges you’ve faced; and how you overcame them. I want to hear your stories. The world, as you know it, wants to know your human spirit.

Look around. If you watch the news or read any online media posts, you can see the dis-ease. The emotions are palpable. We are a human race begging for belonging. We are beings wired for connection. And any smart business person or psych major knows that a transaction always starts with a connection.

So if you’re still reading this and you haven’t de-friended me yet, I invite you to tell the truth about who you are. Make a connection. Take the mask off for a moment and be vulnerable. Chances are, whatever you share, you will be met with at least one “me too.” And if you aren’t sure who you are; no worries. It’s ok. There was a point in my life when I had no clue who the hell I was (and even to this day after a rough day of parenting sometimes I forget).

It’s scary to share. But what is scarier is approaching the end of your life realizing that you have lived just an ordinary life. That you haven’t said everything you wanted to say. My most favorite author/speaker/vulnerability expert, Brene Brown, talks about this in her talk entitled ‘Sweaty Creatives.’If you don’t have 22 minutes to watch Brene’s talk, then take 5 minutes and watch Mindshift. It always helps me to step into my fear.

So go do it. Get vulnerable. Share something about yourself. Make a connection. Start a conversation.


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