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It’s gray (for the 3rd day in a row). I’m chilled to the bone sitting here under a blanket wearing my hat and poofy vest I threw on to take 1 kid to the bus stop and the other to pre-school. It’s been in the 30’s- mid 40’s for the past week. Welcome to New England.

This morning started at 5:49 am when we caught our almost 7 yr old scaling a piece of furniture to get to his Kindle. We recently reinstituted a rule that there is no technology before school. Let’s just say not everyone agrees with this. The Kindle battle lasted for approximately 40 minutes and then I found myself lost in the mundane routine of preparing breakfast, as well as school lunches. And then onto the other items of “business”, because parenting is most definitely a job. By the time they are dressed and have their teeth brushed, I’m so sick of it.  So sick of parenting.

These are the times when I question if I made a mistake having children. But it doesn’t matter, because the truth is I have them. I had a plan to spend a few hours working on my book today, but by the time pre-school drop-off was over I came back home with barely any creative energy left to give. Physically my body needs a rest today and clearly so does my energy body.

But here’s the cool thing…I know I’m not the only parent struggling in this world. And the other cool thing is that while I may not get to my book today, there’s a good chance I will get to it this week. And the most cool thing is this thing called gratitude. Gratitude changes everything. I’m grateful for my children. They are a source of unconditional love & joy. They also fueled this post, which in my honest opinion isn’t one of my best, but it’s good enough and worthy of sharing.

So this grateful, struggling momma is off. Off to the store to buy a few pounds of Epsom salt. Because a hot bath in the middle of the day is something to celebrate! In the words of another strong momma friend, Britt Burbank, “Self care is NOT a luxury. It is a necessity.”

So to those of you struggling … go get your self care on. Get your gratitude on. Gratitude will help change your attitude.

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  1. Kimberly Morgan

    May 1, 2018 at 2:16 am

    Your website looks great! What service did you use to create it? Thanks! Kimberly from #HarvardWriters2018

    1. Emily Johnson

      May 3, 2018 at 2:56 pm

      Thanks Kim! I used WordPress and had a little help from my talented friend at

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