Live Bold


It’s Monday. We are all carrying around our proverbial luggage. And let’s face it. It’s heavy. How good would it feel to just put it f*cking down!? You know when you are schlepping groceries into the house, or perhaps your briefcase, gym bag, & your big puffy winter jacket; or maybe the 3 boxes from Amazon Prime that the UPS man left on your doorstep? You feel bogged down.

How would your life be different in this very moment if you just put it down? If you just let it go? What can you put down right now? Perhaps it is a belief, a grudge, a worry, or maybe even a relationship. For me I am putting down these dirty lies I’ve been carrying around for the past 24 hours:

1.) The belief that I need to produce something in order to be worthy.

2.) The belief that my children limit me as a creative.

These are big, ugly lies that limit me in big, ugly ways. Like to the point where I get NOTHING done ALL DAY.  So to put these things down, to write them down, and release them is freeing. When you can let go of the heavy stuff you create space. You make room for a new possibility.



P.S. – Just realized I also need to let go of perfection. 🙂


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