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Do you ever feel like you have so much stuff swimming around in your head? Like you can’t turn your brain off? Yeah me too! And that’s why I write and why you should too. You can just unload everything onto the page and then voila; all of a sudden you’ve created more space. It’s very much like yoga. You just show up and let your stuff dissipate onto the mat. Sometimes you gain a new perspective or hell; perhaps there’s a moment of clarity. But let’s be real – sometimes it’s just messy and that’s ok too.

I’ve done a lot of messy writing and a lot of messy yoga. I would like to think in the past 2 years I’ve cleaned them both up a bit; but then there’s that damn inner critic who likes to show up. That inner critic; the ego; doesn’t die easy. The inner critic that whispers, “You screwed up.” Or how about “You can’t do this or you’re not good enough.” And sometimes it’s a loud voice booming one big ominous, “FAIL.” Today, I heard a pretty cool guy say something I really needed to hear.

” Perfect is going to get in the way of good every time.”

(Thank you Christian Kline 🙂

So to anyone reading this who suffers from the human problem (I know there’s more than 1 of you!) Give yourself permission to create something good. To be good. To do good – but not perfect. Perfect is boring. Perfect leaves no room for growth or expansion. Perfect is like living in the box and duct taping it shut.

So here’s to owning your own goodness and not your perfection.

Go forth with goodness 🙂


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