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Have you ever needed to blow off some steam? Have you ever gone for a run or hit the gym to help release some stress? It works – right?! Exercise is a wonderful and healthy way to relieve stress. But there’s something better and tomorrow I will begin an intensive month long training so I can teach it. So I can share it. So I can hopefully inspire and help 1 person, if not more, discover the tremendous healing benefits of what is known as Bikram yoga.

I came to Bikram because the counselor I was seeing almost five years ago told me I needed to do some yoga. I was a runner and triathlete laden with much dis-ease. At the time I had a 2 yr old and a 2 month old, and I was suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression as a result of a series of tragic and traumatic events in my life. My nervous system was on overdrive. My counselor basically told me I needed to try yoga to chill the F*** out. So I Googled yoga studios to see what was close to my house. Two studios came up. I had never heard of Bikram so I Googled that and when I read the class description it suited the endurance athlete in me. I went to my first class at Bikram Yoga Cape Cod and I was hooked. You never forget your first time, and yes, I had more fun in class than losing my virginity during the summer of 1998 😉

Now fun, is a relative term. Everyone has a different experience and if you ask one of my teachers about his first time you’re going to get a different answer. But he kept going back. I kept going back. People keep coming back because it works. I’ve done a lot of other things to help heal myself both on a physical and mental level, and through the years Bikram has been a constant tool. It is a tool virtually ANYONE can use.

That is what I find amazing about Bikram. It is for beginners. You just show up and start wherever you are. Overweight? Great! Smoker? Perfect. Inflexible? Even better! SERIOUSLY. You just come, breathe, and stay in the room. Everything else is optional. You will feel AMAZING when you’re done. But isn’t it hot? Like 105 degrees hot? Yes. The heat is another tool. The heat allows you to open up. The heat teaches you to breathe and manage the uncomfortable. So yes, there is sweating. No it’s not gross. That’s what you are telling yourself. That’s what your head says. So stop it! Try this instead – get in touch with how you feel when you sweat.

So go try it! Throw your excuses in the toilet and do a double flush. Yes, you can take the heat. Yes, it is safe. No you don’t need to be flexible. Yes you can do it. If you are local come to BYCC! Hell I’ll even pay for your first class. It is an AMAZING and WELCOMING community unlike no other Bikram studio. The people in this studio have become my yoga family. There is a lot of laughter and love in this very special place that I am grateful to call home.

Oh and PS – one more thing about the heat…most everyone dislikes it (even me), but what it does for your body and mind is what people fall in love with.



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