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There’s this AMAZING thing that happens when you can just get out of your own way; when you can acknowledge what your mind is telling you, but then let it go. When you can move past the “talk” and let yourself see what is possible; when you can ask the big questions; even the questions that aren’t necessarily big, but yet, still hold us back, and when you can then just go find out what the answer is – that’s where growth occurs and where the juiciness of life resides.

For me, today was a question of “what if?” “What if I did it?” Followed immediately by my ego asking if I “could” do it. What if I went to Bikram class, which is 90 minutes of yoga in 105 degree heat and 40% humidity, and then ran 20 miles? I mean I hadn’t run over 5 miles in the past year since royally screwing up my right foot from a 25K run on the beach in the middle of the night (ironically I ran that race with the same guy I was running with today!) I had pushed running aside and spent the last year deepening my yoga practice and completing yoga teacher training. But the problem is I was “bit” 20 years ago by the endurance bug and it left quite a sting. 4 Ironmans and approximately 20 marathons later, I still have a nagging ache for things that take hours, sometimes all day and into the late night to complete.

So the answer to the question is YES. Yes I DID and yes I CAN. I got out of my head and into my heart. And you can too! Was it a little crazy … you could call it that, but I prefer JUICY. So here is some motivation; a dose of inspiration to move out of your comfort zone. To get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s actually good for you! It is how you grow. So go out and explore. Discover. See what is waiting for you out there (besides sore muscles in the morning) For me today was like jumping off the edge into a chilly pool. I know there’s a diving board out there, followed by the hive dive and today was just the jump I needed.

Don’t think. Just jump. 


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