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These 4 things significantly impacted my life and have changed it for the better. They are free and accessible to anyone and everyone!  Make the choice to try them all out everyday for the next seven days and notice how your energy; your life shifts. Stop making the excuses; stop telling yourself the stories. Make the commitment; change your life. 

  1. Gratitude: Embrace a gratitude practice. Before you even get out of bed; before you reach for your phone; before your brain starts running through your to-do list – spend just 60 seconds choosing just 1 thing that you are grateful for today – not something you were grateful for yesterday; but TODAY.  Begin the day this way and already you have started to align yourself with amazing energy.
  2. Movement: Get your blood flowing – every damn day. Our bodies are meant to move. We are built to breathe, stretch, and explore. Get outside for a walk; do some gentle stretching before bed. It is not rocket science and it does not have to be hard.
  3. Positivity: Cut out any and all negative input. Seriously. Stop reading sad, depressing, traumatic stuff. I know – it’s everywhere. But make the choice to not click on the story; make the choice to change the channel or better yet just shut it off! (Getting rid of cable was one of the best decisions we made as a family)  Stop listening to the crap on the radio. Tune out the garbage talk around you. Notice how easy it is to get sucked into it and then cut yourself off. Read and listen to the things that warm your heart; that make you smile.
  4. Sleep: If you get up on Monday go to bed on Monday. Before you start saying “Well what if I work the night shift?” I will say this – as a nurse who spent many years working nights, even working 24 hour shifts. It is a fact that sleep deprivation is equivalent to OUI. No matter what type of job you work, I guarantee you there is a habit that you can change which will allow you to gain more quality sleep. If you are a 9-5’er shut your light off before 10 pm. You will survive if you aren’t caught up on Netflix. You will survive if your Facebook status isn’t updated. And the world will go on with 1 less selfie. You won’t sleep when you’re dead; but there is evidence that lack of quality sleep will dig you an early grave.

So try these ALL out. They are easy. We are just so conditioned to believe that change has to be hard. That new and different ways of doing things will be a struggle. Stop telling yourself all that bullshit. Don’t believe your thoughts. Instead, know your truths. You know what you are grateful for each new day. You know your body wants to move. You know you like hearing and reading about positive things. You know you feel good when you get quality sleep. Go ahead – and if you don’t like them don’t worry … there is a money back guarantee 😉


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