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The following is for my fellow yogis AKA Love Warriors in teacher training with me at Power Yoga of Cape Cod (even if you aren’t a yogi there is value in reading the post!)

Fellow yogis, calling hours will be held tomorrow at 8:30 am in Dennisport, MA followed by a celebration of life at 9:15 am led by Jill Abraham.

For the past 7 months we have witnessed death and may I say it has been absolutely beautiful. We have held space for one another, quietly watching as masks have been removed and buried; as lies have been laid to rest; and as old ways of being slowly fade away just like the last few beats of a dying heart. While there may still be parts of our old self still gasping for air and hanging on for dear life; we can’t deny the fact that we are not the same people we knew last October. There’s been a shift which was made possible by slaying the dragons or as I like to just say, “Slaying your bullshit.”

It is important to acknowledge who we once were; from once we came. And to look at our old selves and be amazed. To see what challenges we have all faced and then look up and say, “Wow.” And to then see the pristine canvas that lay in front of us each and every day and to again say, “Wow.” About 2 years ago I walked out of Cape Cod Hospital at 3 am after having just finished up in the OR with an organ donor. As I walked out of the ER a new mommy-to-be in labor waddled past me. It was such a beautiful sign from the Universe reminding me that with loss comes life.

After watching Finding Joe I came home last night and felt called to write an obituary. Traditionally we write obituaries for our loved ones who have passed on. I say we all write more obituaries! I think we should all be writing our own obituaries annually, if not more,  in relation to personal growth and spiritual development. (I think we should also write our own obituaries in preparation for our physical death as well but that’s another topic for another time.) The following is a brief version of my obituary:

Emily Johnson was once a little girl who thought she wasn’t good enough. She did what she thought she was “supposed” to do or what she was told she “should” do. There were many times in her life where she subscribed to being the victim or the martyr. Emily was known to act out in order to gain attention and a feeling of worthiness. She was also known to numb out and distract herself with a variety of things, including but not limited to, food and alcohol. She made some poor choices that could have easily resulted in the death of her physical self or another. Emily was fearful of many things, including but not limited to; failure; which manifested into anger and resentment. Emily was proud to call herself an atheist and scoffed at the mere mention of religion or spirituality. Emily was often selfish and was known to be unkind to herself.  Emily was unconscious. She was on autopilot. And then she got hit with a sledgehammer and woke the F*** up.



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