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The word warrior is getting a lot of of use these days. Can’t imagine why…just can’t seem to put a finger on it (so she says with just a smidge of sarcasm). Could it just be because people are starting to wake the H – E – double hockey sticks up!?! I mean look around people! We live in a fake it till you make it, numbed out, distracted society. The most recent study I read at the end of last year states one in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs — mostly antidepressants. I myself used to be a consumer of Zoloft.

As unconscious as the world may seem at times, I do believe there is a shift happening. I think people are stirring from their slumber and starting to gain awareness of their true selves. Are you finding yourself questioning ideas & beliefs more and more? I know I am. I am literally at the point where I question EVERYTHING. Not out of mistrust; but out of curiosity.  I am curious to know the origins of my beliefs and the truth to my thoughts. When you do this truth seeking work then that’s when you will discover the infinite light and love that resides within you – within all of us. And that, my friend, is my belief of how a warrior is born. Truth seekers create a warrior within and it is your soul’s warrior within that seeks the truth. Whoa. That is heavy. Like bomb heavy. Or is it? See, told ya! I question everything. My best guy friend has been known to refer to me as “Enya” ever since I woke up. This one is for you Kev, the Enya within would say that this whole notion of truth seeking and warrior business is the opposite of heavy – it is light.

I have recently been visiting and corresponding with an inmate of our county prison. To be fair I will not share her story or circumstances, but I will share an excerpt from my most recent letter to her. When I wrote this letter to her I felt like I was writing it to my old self. Isn’t it amazing how despite our differences we are all one in the same?

“Know that every time you are able to shine your true self you are being a warrior for the wounded. When you are able to get real with yourself and share; you are being of service. Stop lying and start telling the truth. Don’t just try to think you are good enough; BELIEVE IT. So what you never felt like you were good enough – that is in the past! Let’s talk about right here; right now. Until you start believing in yourself; believing that you are worthy; believing that you are good enough it is going to be Groundhog day – every damn day – until you can shift your perception. And yes – one day at a time friend 🙂 “


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