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It has been a year now since I signed a legally binding form terminating my job. I voluntarily walked away with 2 weeks pay and not a clue of who I was or what I had become.

What would I be trading my scrubs & stethoscope for? I had absolutely no idea.

It took MORE than just the trauma of my brother’s accident. It took MORE than witnessing his death. It took YEARS and YEARS of watching people die to wake me up. It sounds crazy but the fact of the matter is we all have our own timeline. Our own unique path. You will never walk in my shoes; nor will I ever stand in yours. But we can walk together; side by side. And that, my friends, is what I have found. I have found to be with what is. Not to be “for” people or “against” people; but to just be with people. To be present. To be with feelings. To be with emotions.

I traded my scrubs for yoga pants.

(What can I say? I like to be comfortable!)

Today I walked into the lobby of Boston Children’s Hospital. Alongside a few other yogis I did backward bends, forward bends, and stood on my head. The last time I was there I was sitting upstairs in the ICU quietly facilitating the organ donation process. I am so grateful for both experiences and constantly amazed by the ever changing tides of the Universe.

My message here for you is this – keep moving through. Move through your life experiences; your emotions; the ebb and flow of life. Feel your feelings and move through! Do not move away; resist; nor hide – for another experience will eventually find you. Things will happen. Move through the fear and trust that it is all for your highest good. Even when it is hard or uncomfortable – move through with faith. It is fear that paralyzes us and keeps us trapped in our “worst case scenario.”

So acknowledge your fear but don’t let it take control.

You are bigger than the puny 4-letter word.

Just keep moving through.

What are you moving through today?

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