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A sneak peek at the rough draft of the first paragraph of Part II of my book,


Just sent 1,600 words over to my editor … slow & steady … just like a turtle…


So where do YOU begin? Just how do YOU transform yourself? Well my friend I have phenomenal news. There is no need to run out and spend any money. There is no need to be pre-approved. YOU; my dear; begin right where YOU are. So where exactly are you? Where you are will look completely different from where your neighbor is. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a 9-5’er we may all look similar on the surface but underneath the same morning coffee ritual is your unique self. There is literally no one else in this world like you. To begin right where you are means just starting and NOT waiting until X,Y, or Z happens. You are perfectly imperfect and what better way than today to transform yourself. We begin in the present; for today; is the only day that matters.

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