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Don’t ever throw this away. Don’t hide it. Don’t lose it. Don’t forget about it. I’m talking about integrity people. What is integrity? What does it mean to you? For those of us who may be slightly obsessed with etymology, which is the study of the origin of a word and how it has developed over time, integrity comes from the latin root integer. Who remembers any math? Anyone? Bueller? An integer is a whole number. An integer is also a “thing complete in itself” (thank you Bill White!)

Ok so why am I blogging about this? Integrity implies being whole. It’s about being honest and authentic. Anyone think that is important? Anyone? Bueller? (Ok I also admit I am blogging about this because it is the theme of this weekend’s 200 hr yoga teacher training program that I am participating in and a valuable topic to have a conversation with yourself about)

Anyone ever make up an excuse to get out of a commitment? “Ugh there was so much traffic!” “Sorry I’m late, there was an accident.” “My kid isn’t feeling well so I’m not going to make it.” When I became a parent it was like a whole other world of excuses opened up for me. Anytime I needed to get out of something or was running late I could just use the kid! It was great!! No one could be upset at me for having a sick kid right? WRONG. BIG TIME WRONG. I was upset with me. I felt guilty about me. Who wants to be left with those gross feelings!? Not me. But I did it anyway because it was easy. It’s so easy to hide behind the excuses, right!?

But here’s the thing. It is not about being right or making someone wrong.  It’s about owning yourself. It’s about showing up. It’s about being honest. “Sorry I was late. I didn’t leave the house on time.” By acknowledging the truth you can then set yourself up to clear the space with whomever is on the receiving end of your action.


So why is this important? It is important because YOU MATTER. We are all powerful beings, whether you realize it or not, and our actions and words impact more people than we could ever imagine. And when you live from a place of integrity you feel good right? You feel whole.

So next time you catch yourself being a little less than “whole”; hiding behind an excuse; have a conversation with yourself about integrity. Your conscious will thank you. Your friends, co-workers, and family will respect you for being whole. You will feel lighter. Move forward through 2017 with integrity.


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