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The ONLY way to travel

I have to give credit to an amazing woman, Colette Baron-Reid, who introduced me to this word, coddiwomple, which is defined as traveling in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. The minute I read about the word on Colette’s blog my soul was screaming, “YES! YES! YES!” This is what the journey is all about. I’ve had people ask me where I’m going with all that I have been creating and the truth is I HAVE NO CLUE. The destination is vague my friends, but now I have a fun new word to define my action; my journey of curiosity and experience.


I love that this word is all about being intentional yet not attached to any specific end point. It allows for the space and freedom to explore all that lies ahead of us. Traveling in a purposeful manner looks a little different everyday depending on what real word responsibilities I have going on, but there are daily practices that stand no matter what the day looks like. I purposefully practice these things no matter what while I am coddiwompling:

  •  The first thing I do before even getting out of bed is to practice gratitude. I choose to be grateful for at least one thing and I take a minute to bask in what it feels like to be truly grateful.
  • I only read or watch POSITIVE things.
  • I meditate. Sometimes it is on my yoga mat. Other times it is at the beach. This morning it was in my living room. No matter when or where I make time to get quiet and get in touch with the Universe.
  • I pay attention to my thoughts & feelings
  • I choose joyful activities as much as possible
  • I take a deep breath during challenging times and practice extra self-care if needed.

If all this sounds too “woo – woo” or sounds like an unrealistic pile of B.S. I am here to tell you it’s not. I am living proof that practicing these things, even if it’s only 1 of these things, will change your life for the better. You will be happier. If we can learn to coddiwomple and just be here, in the present and let go of all that is “supposed to be” and let the future unfold organically we will find ourselves in an amazing place.

Yes coddiwomple can mean just getting in your car with the intention of going “somewhere.” But I would encourage you to look at the definition on a deeper level. I leave you with some of Colette’s words,

“We have power. We have the power to speak, to stand up for ourselves, to say what we believe, to know we are enough, to remember that freedom needs to be claimed and not assumed and to use whatever skills, talents and imaginations we have to better the world.”


Hope you all are having a magical 2017 thus far! NAMASTE.



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  1. Kristine

    January 11, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Sounds like you have a well-defined destination of who you want to be and become, and less attachment to what you want to be or do. Way to live!

    1. Emily Johnson

      January 12, 2017 at 12:39 pm

      Thanks Kristine! Yes I am very clear on how I want to feel and be. The “how” and the “what” will reveal itself in some form or another as I move forward in my journey. My book, I CHOOSE ME: BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH is continuing to take shape and I am looking forward to sharing it this year 🙂

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