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Don’t be a DB in 2017

The world is full of DB’s. NOT the kind that you may be thinking of that Urban Dictionary defines as someone who has surpassed the level of being an a**hole. I’m talking about DOING BEINGS. We are SO fucking good at DOING. We get up, we make the coffee, we get the kids out the door or perhaps get the fur babies taken care of, then we get dressed to perform whatever work we do. Or maybe we just get up and drag ourselves to class. We “do” being a working professional or we “do” being a student ; or perhaps we “do” both or maybe we are retired. We come home. We eat dinner and check out. Then, if we are fortunate enough to wake up the next day, we simply rinse and repeat. Like I said, we are pretty f’ing good at doing. We focus and fixate on the doing. We are busy. Our culture; our society; our parents; our grandparents teach us this. The question is – how are we being underneath it all? Huh? Hang with me here! New teachings ahead; therefore new possibilities 🙂

How are you being? I know when this question was first posed to me at the beginning of this year I had absolutely no clue how to even approach answering this. I was stumped. Speechless. Totally confused. What happened to that age old question of what do you want to be when you grow up? As a side note my oldest just turned 6 and I cringed as my mother asked him this while celebrating his birthday. (And in case you are wondering his answer was Tom Brady) It is really interesting though. We are asked “what” do we want to be when we grow up versus “how” do we want to be. You could argue that a child is not mature enough to distinguish “how” they want to be and that it is easier for them to come up with concrete labels that “we”; society; our culture have spoon fed them.

But just as an example, who wanted to be a doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, scientist, artist, actor, or an athlete?  Personally I started out wanting to be a FBI agent, then a marine biologist, and then a physical therapist. These are all ways of being; deeply hidden beneath a label of doing. These are ways of being helpful & healing, protective, compassionate, loving, brave, curious, creative, strong, and powerful. But we don’t focus on the being. We focus on the doing and on the “how”. We label. We confine ourselves in a box. So when the question was asked, “How am I being?” followed immediately by “How do I want to be?” it was like being handed a blank canvas. All of a sudden I found myself out of the box. I was free. I get to create and so can you! So exciting right!?! HA! That was NOT my first reaction. Initially fear and anxiety crept in. My monkey brain started mouthing off, “Well sure you want to be all these things but HOW will you DO those things?”

So when the monkey brain starts talking you tell it to shut the F*** up. You slay your bullshit. You get out of your head and into your heart. Then you re-write your story. PERIOD. And you get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Because the monkey brain, AKA your ego, will never go away. You know where fear and anxiety come from? Your ego. We actually need these things to survive (but that’s an entirely different post). And so in doing the transformational work, I was able to “see” that anything is possible (said the girl who has this tattooed on her leg for years but didn’t truly live it).

How was I being? Angry, resentful, judgmental, fearful, and irresponsible

My new way of being? LOVING and BRAVE.

How are you being? How do you want to be? We all have a choice in this matter. If you already are LOVING and BRAVE; can you broaden your love and courage? (ok I admit it, I”m talking to myself now!) One of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, writes in his book A New Earth, …”what the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now.” 

I am grateful for my breakdown that led me to discovering my inner purpose of awakening; of becoming conscious. I embrace and anticipate future breakdowns as I continue to grow. And through it all I will keep the focus on who I am … LOVING and BRAVE. Namaste.

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