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Yesterday I worked with a woman who has started down her own path to Living Lighter. It was a beautiful experience. We cleared some physical space and in doing so, she began to “try on” vulnerability. This is a woman who was able to share with me that she doesn’t know what to do with the sentimental stuff she has kept. The truth is, most people don’t know what to do with this stuff. I  know I didn’t. This woman was able to take a step into the arena and admit out loud that the box of photos of deceased family members is overwhelming. That when she opens the cover, she becomes riddled with a variety of emotion that takes control and the only solution is to close the box. The box of photos and all the other “stuff” weighs on her mind. As we worked clearing space yesterday, we explored some other feasible solutions for what to do with said photos. We talked about taking some time to reflect on the pictures and then have a ceremonial fire to let go of them. The ashes from the burn could be used to nourish her garden; to heal roots and promote new growth. In all honesty, she is not ready for this yet, but took a brave step yesterday toward letting go.

It’s HARD, HONEST work. But oh so worth it! Ask yourself the tough questions. Why am I keeping this? What does it mean to me? Is this serving me any purpose? What feelings are coming up for me? Am I afraid I might need this someday? If I let go of this object, am I fearful I will feel the grief of losing a loved one?


You don’t realize how much lighter you will physically feel after you let go of the heavy stuff. Just like losing weight and keeping it off, there is no quick fix. You have to put in the effort. You have to show up and work those muscles. But in this country that supposedly isn’t great anymore (depending on who you ask) we are bred to look for the easy way out. We are raised by our parents and then society to numb ourselves with booze, nicotine, food, sex, drugs, tv, shopping, etc. I’m not saying all these things are bad. But what is your intention when you sit down with a pint of ice cream, bottle of wine, or pack of cigarettes? Are you trying to relieve your anxiety, make yourself feel better, or perhaps make yourself not feel at all?


You are worthy of living with more love and joy and less stress and baggage. I don’t care how much money you make, if you went to college or not, if you are satisfied with your job, if your parents were awesome or not-so-awesome, if you have kids or not. You are f’ing worth it. Believe in yourself and lean into the fear that is holding you back from living lighter.

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