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Have you ever been so open, so grateful, so content that you just wept like a child? This day, the 14th of July, the day I was brought into this world 36 years ago, has almost come to an end. And I am weeping. Drops of joy and love surrender themselves to gravity, rolling down my cheeks leaving their  damp evidence behind.  My 35th year was a year of breaking down only to breakthrough. I can’t even fathom what my 36th year has in store for me.

Today has been more than I could have ever asked for. Some may say it was just an “ordinary day.” I woke up, went to work, came home, and went out to dinner with my husband. The way I look at it though, the lens I choose, depicts an extra-ordinary day. I awoke to a beautiful sunrise around 5:30 am. I enjoyed the silence, acknowledged my anxiety & worry about whether my parents would remember what today was, and expressed my gratitude for where my life’s path has taken me. I ran to the beach, drank in the salt air, and honored my physical body with a few yoga poses out on a jetty. Our family nourished ourselves with good food. The boys and I ventured on to summer camp. I spent the day being of service to the campers & staff  who visited the health center. I got to create a bunch of kindness rocks. I indulged in some sweet treats. I gave and received hugs. I found an unexpected card in the mailbox and got a phone call from my dad. Our family enjoyed a beautiful evening on the beach. My husband and I enjoyed a late, leisurely dinner. I’ve been basking in this late night hour listening to the music of NEEDTOBREATHE and remembering oh so many, many late nights coordinating a lung transplant or caring for an organ donor. Remembering those hours; those nights, and missing them. Having so much gratitude for all of the amazing people that have touched my life as a result of that work and recognizing all of the amazing people that have entered my life since then.

Endless “got to’s” and “get to’s.” What an extra-ordinary day if you use the right lens.

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