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What are you committed to? This is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. I’m not talking about the day to day commitments of getting the mail, shuttling the kids around, or doing the laundry. I’m talking about YOU. I’m talking about your wants; your desires. You want to eat healthier? You want to be more active? You want to read more? You want to plant a garden? All these things sound nice, right? (I actually want all these things too) I’m going to let you in on a little secret though…I am NOT committed to these things. Sure I try to do all these things (ok I confess that my 3 little garden beds are empty). There’s a big difference though between “trying to” and “committing to.”

So here’s the deal. Commit to 1 thing. Have a serious conversation with yourself. Be honest. Commit to commit. (Is that even correct grammar? Not sure…) Whatever it is that you choose to commit to, make sure that it is 1 thing and that 1 thing only. When I had my breakdown-to-breakthrough I chose me. I made a commitment to go to counseling. Yes I still did some laundry and drove the boys to school, but I focused on healing. And yes, making the commitment to myself did require my husband to bear some extra weight. For better or worse – right!?

Since I have broken through and undergone a life transformation, my commitment shifted to starting a business. I committed to action; to the execution of an idea. I put in the work. Did I get distracted and stuck along the way? Sure. And I still do. But I am getting stronger everyday. I’m working and stretching those muscles as best I can (and I’m not talking biceps or quads).quote

When you make your commitment, share it with your loved ones. Feels good to share – right!? Share some more! Post your commitment on social media. Tell your co-workers what you are up to (well maybe not if you are starting your own business!) It may feel scary to share outside of your safety net. Scared of being judged by other people? Have a fear of failing? Well F*** the fear. Who cares what other people think? They are all just critics. And yes, you may fail. Failure is merely an opportunity to try again; to tweak the process; to use a different lens.

Speaking of tweaking the process, I am in the thick of my current commitment which is walking the walk of Living LighterI spent the majority of yesterday putting the finishing touches on physically de-cluttering the 1st floor of our house. It feels amazing to sit here in this space. It was tempting to stop the process; to distract myself with Facebook; to empty the dishwasher; to walk the dog. But I was able to maintain my focus on the commitment by remaining present. To being mindful. To being conscious.

So whatever it is that you choose to commit to – whether it’s quitting smoking, taking a yoga class, or just going to bed a little earlier – BE PROUD + JUST DO IT. Don’t listen to the critics. If you need a cheerleader I am here with pom-poms on 🙂


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