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It’s the start of a new month! Hello June ūüôā The journey through the past few months has been profound. ¬†I am living larger than I would have ever imagined. I am making conscious choices and filling my life with value. I am experiencing love, gratitude, and spirituality on a whole new level. This my friend, is happiness.

Since I’ve decided to show up for this “hot date”, AKA, “life” I am pursuing what I have always wanted, and what I think most everyone wants – FREEDOM. This pursuit of freedom, it’s been a hell of a lot of juicy work. The result thus far you ask?¬†¬†Living Lighter¬†was born.¬†The creation of a business idea, a collaboration between two friends, and the courage to take action. Our mission is to help people create a space to allow for more flow. This is NOT Feng Shui. Nor are we professional organizers. Our passion is health and wellness and our goal is to change your life.

We believe…

  • Less is more
  • A house in order is reflective of a life in order
  • In creating a safe, nonjudgmental space
  • Clearing your physical space creates healing
  • This is a worthwhile investment
  • A piece of this work is spiritual
  • In kindness, community, and charity
  • Everyone has a story
  • You are worthy of support
  • This work is hard and will release emotions
  • You will feel liberated
  • This work will transform your life

So look around you my friends. Are you distracted? Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Ask yourself, what does your “stuff” really mean to you? As I started this process in my own home, my own life, the effects were immediate. Stay tuned my friends…lots more to come. ¬†In the meantime why don’t you donate a few articles of clothing that you no longer value? You know there are plenty of people out there who could actually benefit from those shirts stuffed in the back of your dresser.

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