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Walk the walk

Slow and steady. One foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward. 

All these mantras; they have psychological powers. These mantras I used for years to get me through the difficult miles of a marathon or an Ironman. I look back on those times and chuckle. I thought those were tough? Ha! Yes physically they were challenging, but mentally they were nothing compared to this journey; this transformation.

I found myself incredibly “stuck” last week when I was sick. I kept telling myself that I would be “unstuck” after I felt better. Well my cold is better but I still feel stuck.  I started to slip into past habits; criticizing myself and feeling shameful. I started wasting time on non-essential things. I lost focus.

This morning I regained focus and I am grounding myself. I saw my friend Jenny at pre-school drop-off. Jenny is amazing. She is responsible for the design & development of my brand & blog. She is also our first client. She is working on our business website and apologized for not having some things finished. Well hello empathy! Me too!! I didn’t get some stuff done either and I’m caught in the swirling, foul water of the toilet.

Time to get grounded and commit. Time to walk the walk. Go forth and conquer 🙂

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  1. Jenny

    May 17, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Oh woman! Swirling foul water of the toilet might be my favorite line to date. Thank you for the shout out (and patience, empathy, enlightenment, shall I continue?!)

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