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Got Juice?

Just what is juicy?

Juicy is rich, full, messy, interesting…it’s about success and equally, if not more, about failure. Crave more juice? Consider this…

  • Try something new & different. Try it again, again, and again.
  • Check your ego at the door
  • Don’t hide your mess. Be brave. Talk about it.
  • Smile and silently tell the critics that “You don’t care.”
  • Commit to a daily routine of doing as many things as you can for yourself.
  • Reenact how free you felt as a child
  • Own your failures and celebrate your success

Know this though – people will get curious about the juice, the awesome sauce, dripping from your life. You will attract honeybees, but you will also attract a proverbial hornet or two. But just remember that these people are simply critics. Like Taylor Swift wrote, “Haters gonna hate, heartbreakers gonna break, and fakers gonna fake.” So turn up the volume and go ahead; shake, shake, shake it off my friend.



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