Live Bold


This endeavor, this journey of healing, this transformation would have not been possible without the friendship of some brave women. I am not a feminist; nor a man basher. I am a strong woman who deserved more support and desired to create more beauty. To all the girlies in my tribe that have cheered me on and been there to LISTEN, you mean the world to me.

My tribe is unique as is yours.  We are teachers, coaches, healers, students, and artists. In case I go hungry I can rely on my fish farmer friend for an endless supply of trout (for real, my friend Reagan owns a fish farm). Should I desire some more “physical support” I can call on “my person”, my Grey’s Anatomy Christina, my best friend for the past 28 years who happens to be a plastic surgeon (and a brand new momma!). There are the local stay at home and work at home mommas, my fellow yogis, and my neighbor turned friend turned business partner. They are a small, yet powerful group of women with big open hearts.  I consider my tribe my full service gas station. These women fill me up and give me the energy I need to move forward.

How exactly do they fill me up? I’ll give you a hint…it’s NOT in a Venti size cup; nor a martini glass. They fill me up through connection. Through empathy. They see me. They hear me. They say, “Me too.” Now don’t get me wrong, we have been known to connect over a cup of coffee, tea, or even the occasional post yoga pint of Guinness. But I have learned that what feeds my soul, our souls, is true connection with people. We are hardwired for this (unless you are a sociopath). When your tank is full it runs over; allowing you to pass all this high octane on to others.

Take a look around you. Is your life full of people who truly fill your tank? Or are there people that may be slowly siphoning fuel off only to leave you with fumes to run on? What kind of conversations are you having with people in your current tribe? Are you wasting your breath on gossip? Judgement? Negative self talk? Do you talk about all the things you want to do or wish you could do? Creating the right tribe starts with you. Take a look around. There are lots and lots of people in this world. Who is filling your tank?



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