The inspiration for this post came one day while I was listening to one of my  favorite Pandora stations, Yoga Workout. A commercial for Massage Envy came on …..”Help manage the side effects of life.” Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely, 110% believe in the mission of taking care of yourself. I believe that regular massage is a form of body maintenance.  But c’mon people!! Side effects of life should include smiles, laughter, and joy; not tension and stress. However in the “never enough” world that we live in today this is all too often where we find ourselves. Stressed out. Angry. Tired. You know how that voice in your head goes. Never enough hours in the day, never enough sleep, never enough time for ourselves to nourish & care for our body, mind, and spirit. It’s almost as though we are trained to be on automatic all the time. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning our head starts going through that “to do” list. We go through the day fueling ourselves with too much caffeine, too many empty calories, all the while piling responsibility on ourselves. We multitask the crap out of our day; all day. And then we wake up tomorrow (if we’re lucky) and do it all over again. The more we can tackle and “get done” the better we feel; right!? Well I say WRONG. I call bulls***. We have a choice. That’s the beauty of it all. Side effects to life can include tension and stress, anxiety, fatigue, hopelessness; but only if we let it. We have control over how we interpret our own story. So much of who we are is rooted from childhood. Our story begins when all we are able to do is eat, sleep, and dirty our diaper. We cannot change how we were raised. However, if we can get clear and commit to what we really want out of life, we can create a Beautiful, BOLD & Juicy life.

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