Ok ladies. Let’s get real. Why is there so much stuff we keep from one another!?! Is it because of our insecurities? Perhaps the fear of not belonging? Well I say, take a hike fear! It’s fear that held me back; holds us back from living with authenticity. So I am here to proudly share something. The Diva Cup has changed my life as a woman. (If you’re reading this and you don’t know what the Diva Cup is hang tight.) If you’re reading this and “Ew gross!” pops into your head drop me a line and let me know why! Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to endorse this. It is simply the brand I use. Speaking of brands, has anyone tried the THINKX underwear?

So what is the Diva Cup? This wondrous invention is a menstrual cup. Did you know they’ve been around since the 1930’s!? This gem has made me say BYE BYE to pads & tampons.

Benefits include:

  • Reusable for YEARS!
  • Economical – Roughly 2 menstrual cycles and the cup pays for itself. 
  • No odor.
  • Some women report that they bleed less, have shorter periods, and have less cramps
  • You can’t feel it at all
  • Only needs to be emptied every 8-12 hrs
  • Healthier. Unlike a tampon, blood is not absorbed so there is virtually no risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Using a cup takes some practice. I know I was ready to give up after trying it for 3 cycles. After some more “hands-on” practice and patience I was sold. Inserting the cup really is not hard, but it will take a few attempts to get it right at first.
  • The cup may leak if not inserted properly or if you don’t empty it enough. Depending on how heavy your flow is, you will learn how often you will need to empty it.

Pearls of wisdom:

  • Trim the stem. I started using the cup and was aggravated because I could feel it. Well after some reading I realized I needed to cut off part of the stem on the end of the cup. Once I did that – voila!
  • Practice the insertion in the shower.
  • If you go to bed early and wake up late on your heavy days you may want to wear a pad in case of potential leakage.
  • Just when you want to give up – DON’T

Anyone else have anything to share? You know you do! Drop me a line.

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